Thursday, May 31, 2012

Adult Friend Finder Membership

If you would like to know the difference in memberships on Adult Friend Finder here they are!

Top of each list of members search results (5x more views)Yes!NoNo
Super-search for members using our "priority" formYes!NoNo
Get ICQ, AIM, YIM & MSN ID's of members in your networkYes!NoNo
View other members' photosAll photos!
(Up to 20)
First 5 OnlyNo
View member videosYes!Yes!No
View past polls and resultsYes!Yes!No
Search by distance and save search settingsYes!No
Telephone technical supportYes!Yes!No
Premium Smilies in ChatYes!Yes!No
Faster profile and photo reviewsPriority!Yes!No
Database search for members by usernameYes!Yes!No
Database search using our "standard" formYes!Yes!Yes!
Have your username on the Members Online listYes!Yes!Yes!
Email of new matching members (the "Cupid" service)Complete list (30+)Up to 20 matchesUp to 10 matches
Emails viewable for120 days60 days30 days
Maximum members in Hotlist1000500200
Technical support by emailwithin 12 hourswithin 24 hourswithin 2 days
Send emails to members from the websiteYes!Yes!Limited**
View profiles of other membersYes!Yes!Limited
Upload your voice greeting and send voice messages to other membersYes!Yes!Limited*
Create/view personality test resultsYes!Yes!Yes!
Upload and change your photo for others to seeYes!Yes!Yes!
Keep a personal "Hotlist" of your favorite membersYes!Yes!Yes!
Upload your video greetingYes!Yes!Yes!
Use of our active chat roomsYes!Yes!Yes!
Talk to people instantly using our IM systemYes!Yes!Yes!

Adult Friend Finder Flirt Online and Get Laid

If you are looking for a place to chat and flirt with hot guys and hot girls, Adult Friend Finder might be the best place to start.  Adult Friend Finder is basically a household name if you are into swinging, flirting, online sex, cybering, well I think you get the picture.  This website has been in business for over ten years.  The reason they stood the test of time, is because this is a site where people actually do hook up and get kinky.

Now the whole online dating thing?  What sites are legit and which are scams?  I try to give my honest opinion to any site I belong to.  Now, this site is a lot of fun, because there are millions of registered and active users online all the time.  There are so many newer sites or which I call copy cats, they are fun, but I enjoy Adult Friend Finder because there are so many great people on the site.

I know personally there are so many other similar sex dating websites, plenty of fake profiles.  Adult Friend Finder has over 30 million registered members, that are looking for the same thing as you.  No strings attached, swinging, sex personals, dirty chat, and so much more.

So if you want to meet up and find the best fuck friend definitely check this site out, its totally insane!

Friday, May 11, 2012 Adult Social Networking Website Review is an adult social networking website.  Its set up like facebook, but with tons of members posting nude sexy pics of themselves, videos and a public webcam chat room.  Its a very easy site to navigate.  As a female member you are bit overwhelmed with the friend requests.  A lot of the guys complain that women don't show them much attention.  Simple reason, as with all adult websites a majority of the members are male.  For every 20 men, there is a 1 female ratio.  I know this because, I do belong to other adult social/dating websites as well.  That is just a fact that comes along with any type of no strings attached website.  If it were a cam site it would be the opposite.  Then there are plenty of men and women.

Some features that I do enjoy is the cam chat room.  This is a pubic chat room, a member can turn on their webcam if they decide to and if you do not want to it's all up to the user.  It is a lot of fun in their, then sometimes there is drama.  Nothing unusual.

Instant Messaging, is another feature this is tricky you can only takes so many IM's at once.  Men are the first one to bitch, "Why wont u answer my im?"  Simple, either I have too many going, or you are completely  an obnoxious beggar.   You can also send members a message, very similar to facebook.  There are flirts, polls, games, and so much more.

I give this site an honest 8 out of 10.  I would recommend it to others whether you are looking to hookup or just want to chat, flirt, play or make friends online.  I have definitely met some great friends through this website.  

Monday, May 7, 2012

Free Amateur Sex Cams

If you're looking for hot girls to fulfill your wildest and dirtiest fantasies, nothing is hotter than amateur sex cams.  There are so many websites that offer this.  You can sign up for free here at this site.  Not only have I been a member to this website for years, but also worked it and know how to get you naughty boys just what you need.  Most of the hot men and women offer free chat, you can pop in as a guest, but to be honest...most performers are not going to even acknowledge your presence if you are registered as a guest.  You can still sign up completely free and create a user name and password and talk to the amateurs at this site.  Now, he or she may now talk to you.  Nothing is more obnoxious that someone who can't even take 2 seconds to register on a site.  So, if you try it I can promise you certainly are not going to have any fun.  I myself, enjoy to visit many websites and definitely by far I can attest IMLive is one of my favorites!

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